About Uesaka Barbell Australia

We at the Triumph Weightlifting Club, and in particular Head Coach Martin Harlowe, were chosen as the Oceania Distributors of Uesaka products in 2011. For many years Martin has played a leading role in producing talented junior and senior weightlifters. More recently he has been the extra “secret ingredient” behind the success of many of Australia’s leading Crossfit athletes.

These achievements and dedication were identified by Uesaka’s CEO, Tadamasa Uesaka, and he approached Martin to distribute all Uesaka Barbell products in Oceania.

Uesaka is a large multinational company with a very loyal and honest team delivering the best weightlifting products all over the world.

In February 2013, straight after a cyclone destroyed a huge part of the Fiji islands, a Triumph Weightlifting Club member donated a full Uesaka Training Set to the youth of a remote Fijian island. Overcoming the logistical nightmares was further proof of our local commitment to providing the best service and the best product to the fitness community.

About Uesaka Barbell

Founded in 1929, Uesaka is internationally renowned for its top quality equipment and products. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with branch offices in the United States. Uesaka remains a family run business with three generations of master craftsmen, designers and machinists. Beginning in 1959, Uesaka expanded its operations, forming the Uesaka Barbell Company.

Since then, Uesaka Barbell Company has been the official supplier of weightlifting equipment for several past Olympic Games. Uesaka Barbell Company has also been the official supplier of weightlifting equipment for World Weightlifting Championships and Commonwealth Games. Uesaka Barbell Company is honoured to have earned the coveted Category A certification from the International Weightlifting Federation.

Uesaka Barbell Company has always been an innovator with the design and function of its products. It is the first barbell company to receive an international trademark of its two piece centre hub construction design. In addition, it was one of the first companies to offer custom logos on its bumper plates. Today we offer both custom laser engraving, as well as our newest patent pending rubber infusion lettering process, allowing direct moulded lettering into its rubber discs.


Reputation is the best specification.

The true test is the reputation our products have earned over a sustained period of heavy use. An example of this is the fact that our competition and training bars have been used at the Olympic Training Centre in the United States since 1996 with no bar failures and no maintenance. Many purchasers are tempted to buy the least expensive bar they can find. They soon realise, after purchasing several replacement bars, they could have saved money by purchasing a quality Olympic bar from the start.

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